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Todos los intro’s de Doctor Who que ha habido

28 July, 2010

En honor a alguien especial, todos las secuencias de introducción que ha habido de Dr. Who:

Y lo que dice Andrew Sullivan sobre su programa número uno de toda la vida:

For the record, I’ve probably watched more of this television show than any other (with the possible exception of the Simpsons). I love the creepy effectiveness of the very first sequence, but love the velocity of the Tennant era. As for the actors, I remain devoted to Tom Baker. But Matt Smith is really quite wonderfully dark. I remain an addict. It’s such an intelligent sci-fi show – not least because of its love of history and irony and a certain British decency which courses through the Doctor’s inhuman veins. He is the anti-Jack Bauer, in a way, proving that humaneness and humor is as effective as violence and evil, even when deployed by those who think they are doing good.

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