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Burqa, libertad y feminismo falso

18 May, 2010


El burqa es el traje “cubre-todo” que muchas mujeres musulmanas se ponen (o tienen que ponerse) en algunas sociedades u hogares, ya que se supone que es una religión.No diré mucho sobre el tema ahorita, pero sepan que estoy totalmente en contra de forzar a las mujeres a que hagan cualqueir cosa, ya sea portar o NO portar ropa.

Es esclavitud lo que muchos hombres (y mujeres) musulmanes les hacen a sus esposas o hijas, pero también atenta contra las libertades leyes como la francesa que prohiben el uso del burqa. Si prohibieran tatuajes o mini faldas, ¿Cómo se sentirían? Andrew Sullivan compiló unas excelentes anécdotas y opiniones de sus lectores sobre el tema. Aquí dos de sus lectores opinan:

…As it has been explained to me in the past, feminism is not only for the improvement of the status and understanding of women, it is also for the improvement of the status and understanding of men. Men are hardly the victims in this situation, but views on masculinity are definitely linked to this issue and need to be brought up. …

I live in Minneapolis and spent a lot of time during the last few years volunteering in adult basic education classrooms, where our students are primarily learning English, and many of the attending are Somali women, all wearing a burqa or hijab.  The women I’ve worked with are smart, passionate, engaged with learning about their new country and home.  Usually I’m a very cynical – came of age during the Bush years and all – but these women absolutely inspire me with their firm belief that America is about freedom of expression and opportunity.  It’s incredible.  They don’t fit the stereotype of a Muslim woman who has no identity and is indoctrinated to believe in her own subjugation.  I never saw one of the shirk from a man during an argument in class.  They wear their traditional dress and want to enroll in business classes.  They hope their daughters go to med school.  But they still hold to their religion, it’s deeply important to them, and are keenly aware of the choice they’re making.

Hay mujeres que quieren usar el burqa por orgullo cultural y religioso, y otras que son forzadas hacerlo. Quizás sería bien que el estado o la sociedad protegieran a las que son forzadas a usarlo, pero hasta ahí. Que se vistan como ELLAS QUIERAN vestirse.

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