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Lesbianas que se parecen a Justin Beiber

13 April, 2010

Es el nombre de está página de Tumblr que encuentra similitudes extraoridnarias entre el joven cantante Justin Beiber, y varias lesbianas.

Increíble. Algunos de los ejemplos e intenten identificar cuáles son de lesbianas y cuáles de Beiber:


Yep. This is me, and I was told to do this on facebook lmao xD —— i hope that someone you hadn’t spoken to in YEARS contacted you simply to be like ‘yo, u needa b on this blohg’


(via inkspiration) —- when he’s goofy, i want him most. and i want to spoon and giggle with him.   …i’m so weird.


biebian in a beanie!! i love these!  gimme one!


(via bieberjustin) —— Note to world: This is not a good angle FOR ANYONE. 


This singer is on fire. —— I don’t know who it is, but her resemblance makes me oh-so-happy. 


tori. —- Do you guys remember that small period of time on Saved By The Bell where there was a character named Tori? And she was REALLY COOL, like TOO COOL, and I REALLY WANTED TO BE HER FRIEND…or something…and she was a TOTAL tomboy and rode a motorcycle and wore leather and had a sort of sexy half lisp? You guys, slowly but surely I’m realizing I was gay WAY before I knew it…

Respuestas: B) y D) son Justin Beiber

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