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El Papa caliente

19 March, 2010

Andrew Sullivan desmantela a los “defensores” del Papa Benedicto en la actual ola de controversias de abusos sexuales en los últimos días, en especial por los de Alemania:

That settles it, then. A priest found guilty of raping an eleven year-old within Ratzinger’s archdiocese was transferred to Munich for therapy by Ratzinger without his having any idea of why this was happening. Sure. He has no responsibility, right? And knew nothing, right?…The man who covered for Maciel for years and who in 2002 imposed total secrecy on the process is now the “good guy”?…Wojtyla and Ratzinger were joined at the hip. They both enabled Maciel. They both covered up as much as they could. They both refused to take responsibiilty…Sorry, guys. But the denial won’t work any longer.


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  1. Fan n.1 permalink
    19 March, 2010 16:55

    MMMmmjjjjmmmm you tell them brotha

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