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La realidad de la opción pública

13 March, 2010

Nate Silver, la persona más inteligente del universo en cuanto a política, estadísticas y deportes! Enumera las razones por la cual la famosa opción pública (un aseguradora médica administrada por el gobierno) de la reforma de la salud, no puede ser incluida en el paquete de la nueva ley, debido a ciertas realidades políticas:

Pelosi and Durbin/Reid aren’t certain whether the public option has the votes or not. What they’re not about to do is spend a lot of time whipping for it when (a) health care is a heavy enough lift as is; (b) there’s only downside in terms of the vote-counting, since only Kucinich opposed the bill from the left whereas 38 Democrats did from the right, and (c) there’s arguably as much political downside as upside, since even though the public option as narrowly construed is popular, it also makes the bill identifiably more “liberal” at a time when Democrats are trying (with some success, in fact) to frame both the process and the substance of the bill as bipartisan and moderate.

Más info aquí!

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